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Thirteen reasons why “13 Reasons Why” is just okay

Nick Hill, Reporter

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“13 Reasons Why” is a book that turned into a Netflix show and came out March 31st 2017. I’m not going to be talking about the book, because honestly, I never heard of the book until the show came out. Before I talk about the show, this will have very light spoilers, but I will try to keep them limited.

The basic premise you get in the first five minutes of the show is a girl named Hannah who kills herself and everyone is really upset by it. But before she dies, she recorded tapes of 13 reasons why she did it. She then has a friend give these tapes to the 13 people who are the reasons why. Sounds uplifting right?

The one thing about “13 Reasons Why” that I can say for sure is that the show will make you feel all sorts of emotions. Some of those emotions will be because of the story, others because of the acting and writing. Right off the bat, the acting is just okay. The younger actors do an alright job with what they are given. However, some of the writing is awful. Some of the lines that these actors say while playing as high school kids are forced, and you can tell some 40-year-old man wrote them. Other lines are just downright cheesy. I will never forget Clay, who is one of the main characters; say “You can try to love her back to death.” No, Clay, that’s not how it works. I get why he said it; he is sad that Hannah is dead, but could they not have tried another line?

Another problem I have with this show is the theme is pretty anti-suicide, which is great, but I don’t think you could find a person who is against that theme. The problem with the theme is how the message is pushed. The writers portray Hannah as being misunderstood, someone who had no friends, and as a person who was used. That is fine, but they don’t even touch on how mental illness could have been a factor, not by one adult in the show, not the parents, no one. The closest we ever got to acknowledging mental illness was when certain characters in the show would say things like “she is crazy” or “Hannah is a drama queen,” which really didn’t help the issue.

Something that wasn’t completely show-shattering was the prop design and hair and makeup. It was alright; however, when Hannah cuts her hair towards the end of the show, it is very clearly a wig. Her hair looks like Lego hair.

Something that isn’t truly a problem with the show but just needs to be said is Bryce, who is the absolute worst. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then watch “13 Reasons Why,” and you’ll understand. I just wanted to get that Bryce is a scumbag off my chest.

However, with all the flaws of the show, I couldn’t put it down. I finished the entire season in a day. The soundtrack was actually pretty good, too. Songs from Woodkid and Selena Gomez fit really well. The show is a bit slow at first but picks up quick around episode six. You want to find out who is on the next tapes and why Clay is on a tape. The plot minus all the cheesy, forced lines is actually a really cool take on high school and the different problems kids go through. I found myself really feeling bad for a lot of different characters, Hannah especially. I started to get really attached to some of the characters. I have never hated and loved some of the characters on this show more than most shows I have ever watched. I felt so many emotions during the show, and once it was over, it hurt.

That being said, after I came to my senses and starting thinking about the show, I found a lot wrong with it.  If you like feeling depressed and angry for 13 hours straight, then this show might be right up your alley. I’d give it a mid-to-strong 6/10.

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Thirteen reasons why “13 Reasons Why” is just okay