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Feature Friday – Mr. Nolan

Madison Beck and Ashlee Dickerson, People Editors

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1). What subjects do you teach?

“I teach psychology, AP psychology and Intro Teaching as well.”


2). What would you do to improve East?

“Get more involved with parents, guardians and the community involved.”


3). What do you do to help the students at East learn and feel comfortable?

“There’s about a thousand different things like individualizing lesson plans. I tutor.”


4). Who is the most important person in your life? Why?

“My kids because they are the most special people in my life.”


5). Why do you teach at East?

“Well because I love it and I also used to go here.”


6). If you could do one thing to improve the school, what would it be?

“Eliminate poverty.”


7). What is your greatest achievement?

“Being a dad.”


8). When did you start teaching at East?

“Four years ago.”


9). If you couldn’t teach, what would you be doing right now?

“I’d be in business sales because that’s what I did before I taught.”


10). When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?

“Nine years ago.”


11). What have you learned from the students while you’ve been a teacher?

“Valuable life lessons.”


12). What is your favorite thing about East? Why?

“The students because they’re awesome.”


13). How do you think this year is going to go for you? Why?

“Easy because it’s already been awesome so far.”


14). How do you feel about your kids this year? How do you think they’ll do in your classes?

“I think they’re doing great and awesome.They’re here to learn, so there’s no issues.”


15). What makes you different than other teachers in the school? Why?

“How I’m a little insane.”


16). Who inspired you to teach? Why?

“My daughter because she wanted me home with her more.”

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Feature Friday – Mr. Nolan