Girls play their last Volleyball Game of the Season


Jasmina Singmouangthong, Sports Editor

The girls volleyball team won their first regional game against Jefferson on Monday, October 23. So they continue to play in Regionals. The next game East played was against Belvidere North.

  “I am not nervous,” says captain Effie Christidis, class of 2018, “I like playing better teams and it gets more exciting and challenging to play them.”

  Sim Cetin, class of 2018 adds, “I’m actually really excited and I feel like we haven’t gotten an opportunity to really show our potential and tonight’s the night that we can show it.”

  After the first half of the game, the E-Rabs were down 16-25. As the team gathers, Coach Sackmaster gives a motivational speech and hypes up for the second half. Belvidere North came out a little stronger first half. East started off slow, but worked better and harder as they got further in the game. Trinity McClethen, class of 2018, is especially proud of the sophomores because they are on Varsity at a young age and it could be intimidating, but they stepped it up and played their best.

  “We could of started off stronger. The little mistakes we made stuck with us and that was a problem for us while in play,” said McClethen.

  The E-Rabs were neck and neck with Blue Thunder, tying the scores up to 8-8. Belvidere North then got the advantages with the higher score. The Lady E-Rabs played hard and it was definitely a tough game. Unfortunately, East lost their second regional volleyball game to Belvidere North, 20-25.