Teen Struggles Part 1 – High School Social Life Struggles

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

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I’m going to be starting a series on my blog called ‘‘Teen Struggles’’. I hope that in this blog it can help you or your friends with these teen struggles. Being a teen can cause some issues sometimes.

Part 1.)  High School Social Life Struggles

A struggle that I have personally been through: it’s called having a social life. Maybe you been there, maybe you haven’t, but I hope you can relate. Having a social life can be easy for some people like me, it was and still is hard to have one. It can be hard to get out there, make friends and be a so called ‘‘social butterfly’’. If you are really outgoing and have lots of friends, that’s good, but if you don’t that’s totally okay. It’s normal to have social life struggles. Maybe you can join a club or a sport. Those options can help you be more social in high school.

Last year I was very quiet and shy I didn’t have friends. I didn’t really find a reason to have any. Little by little I started to make friends;  one by one some left and some stayed, but that was okay to me. I started to make friends through my friends-it was a process but I got there.This year, I joined the YWLO club (Young Women’s Leadership Organization) and that group helped me get more involved and be more social. I realized that having no friends is okay and that one day I will get there and make friends. I think that others can relate to this if they have gone through or is going through social life struggles. I think that if you are like this you should join a club or sport and maybe it will help you be a “social butterfly”. I hope this blog will help you.