Teen Struggles Part 2 – Friendships

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

Welcome back to my “Teen Struggles” series. This is part II and in this blog I will be talking about friendships. Having a good relationship with a friend can be hard at times. It can include losing friendships, gaining friendships, drifting apart and your friends talking behind your back.

All of these examples can happen to all friendships. It can either make the friendship stronger or even worse break that friendship.

I personally have had experience in this struggle. Things you can do to prevent having a bad friendship is having good communication. In my personal experience, I have lost good communication with my friends, and we just stopped talking. If you feel like you’re losing touch with your friends, just try and talk to them and see what is going on. I have had friends of mine replace me with new friends, and I was so lost wondering “why did she just forget about me?” but then I thought, “Hey it’s okay. Sometimes, friends don’t last forever.”

Gaining friends can be easy if you let it be. If you both have the same interests or hobbies or T.V. shows can help you gain a friendship. Build trust with those friends,  keep their secrets safe, don’t gossip about them behind their backs and be honest with them. I hope this blog can help you not lose a friend and help you have a stronger bond with them. Good luck.