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Breaking Benjamin shatters expectations

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Breaking Benjamin shatters expectations

Photo by Liz Napier.

Photo by Liz Napier.

Photo by Liz Napier.

Photo by Liz Napier.

Liz Napier, Digital Co-Editor

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I grew up to listening to Breaking Benjamin. From the time I was twelve, it was my life goal to be at one of their concerts. At the age of fifteen, I was blessed enough to see them with Starset, then again just a day short of my seventeenth birthday, and then on Saturday, November 4th, I was enraptured by the fanbase and the rocked-but-acoustic show.
I had high expectations going into the show; I’m an avid concert-goer, and as I’ve said, this was my third time seeing them. But the atmosphere, the show they rocked, and the Imperial guitar was enough to make me even more of a lifelong fan.
“There ain’t no [sic] candles n’ stools up here,” vocalist Ben Burnley called out to the crowd. “This is still a rock show. We’re still gonna rock it.”
And rock it they did, featuring hit songs like “Failure”, “Angels Fall”, “Until the End”, and “Blow Me Away”.
The Rave in Milwaukee always brings out the best in artists, forcing beauty and rock into one historic venue, and it brought out the best of Breaking Benjamin, including the gentle, fathering side of Burnley, who brought both of the children in the crowd onstage towards the end of the show.
“Children should not be here,” Burnley berated, looking sternly across the crowd. “Y’all are drinkin’ and smokin’ weed — I can smell it up here. It’s no place for a child.”
The said kids were brought behind stage, presumably to meet with the band (with their parents, don’t worry), and left the crowd stunned, eardrums blown, and exhausted.
“That was probably the best show I’ve been to,” says Wendy Terry, an attendee of the Breaking Benjamin concert. “Musically, they just kept getting better and better.”
For those of us who do frequent rock shows, Breaking Benjamin is a name that has become a sort of household name; founded in the 90s, the band took off with singles like “Polyamorous”, “Diary of Jane”, and “Dear Agony.”
Breaking Benjamin has been through a lot of lineup changes, legal battles, and personal changes throughout the years, but they’ve managed to stay relevant for nearly twenty years.
No comments were given to the band’s upcoming album, the confirmed title of which is Ember. It will be the follow-up to Dark Before Dawn in 2015.

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Breaking Benjamin shatters expectations