Finals Countdown

Jasmina Singmouangthong, Sports Editor

Every semester, students take finals to see their improvements from year to year. Some may stress over finals, some may think it’s easy and some students just don’t care at all. When it’s that time of year, most students stress over the tests they have to take. The amount of studying may drive us over the bridge sometimes.

“Finals is important because it has a big impact on my semester grade and if I don’t do my best on the finals, it could ruin my GPA,” said Orianna Sutherland, class of 2019.

Finals are 20 percent of our grade. A lot of students care about their education. But what about the ones who seem to not care at all?

“I think finals are necessary because it shows what requirements we meet, and it seems foolish to not care,” said Aldo Sapien, class of 2018.

Agreeing with Sapien, Sutherland said, “I feel like they’re wasting their education by not doing their best.”

A big thing about finals is that colleges look at a student’s semester final scores. So, studying for these tests are important. Sapien says he regularly studies for about three to four hours, but for finals, there is more studying versus actually doing work. Like most students, they may make a study group, but how much actually gets done?

“I prefer to work alone because when working with a group, such as with my friends, we like to goof around and nothing gets done,” said Sutherland.

Something that students have trouble with is sleep, especially when they don’t get enough rest like they’re supposed to. Less sleep can stress someone out even more, so you may increase your caffeine. But should you?

According to the Washington Post, caffeine does reduce sleepiness. But higher caffeine intake was associated with shorter sleep duration at night, increased wakings at night and increased sleeping during the day.

No matter the age, every student has their opinion on what subject they find the easiest or the hardest in school.

“I’m most nervous for Introduction to Teaching because it’s a new class, and it’s something that is definitely outside of my comfort zone,” said Sapien.

But Sutherland mentioned she is most nervous for AP English, because there are many readings to go over and write short responses. There are many stems and FOL (figures of language) students need to remember to use in their responses.

Finals at East High School will be on Dec. 20 to 22 before winter break. Good luck!