Teen struggles Part 4: Broken Families

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

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Welcome back to my Teen Struggles Blog. In today’s blog, I will be talking about broken families.

You may deal with this personal issue or not, or maybe you have seen others deal with this. This struggle can sometimes even cause long-term effects in a person’s life.

If you do have a broken family, just know that it will be okay. Just try to not think about it. If you need help or any advice, you should talk to a good friend or a counselor that you can you trust, or even a close teacher that you may have.

I personally can relate to having a broken family. I have never talked to or seen my dad in my life. My other family, including my aunts and my sisters, I do not talk to either. I do not really mind it, but sometimes I wish that we were all close.

I learned from not having my whole family around that it is okay.  Sometimes, I wish they were here and all, but not every family is perfect. I think my dad should have been there for his two kids, but I guess things happened in his life.

I think others can relate to my experience if they had or have a broken family. If their dad or mom left them, then they can relate to my broken family situation.

Like I said before, if you deal with this issue, try and talk to someone. They can help you feel better. Even having a friend that can relate is good, also because that person knows how you feel. I hope that this blog can help you.