Teen Struggles Part 5: Being “Happy”

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

Welcome back to my Teen Struggles Blog. In this blog, I will be talking about being “happy” when you’re not.

You may or may not deal with this issue. The problem is acting like you’re happy, when in reality, you are broken on the inside. This blog can somewhat relate to my depression blog. It can have the same kind of reaction to depression. If you feel like this, just know that in my opinion, it will be okay. It’s just for now. If you’re feeling sad and lonely, just remember that you’re loved, and today is a new day. The pain is temporary, and your life is important. You can’t change the past, but you sure can change the future if you try. Don’t give up now. You have gotten this far, you can go farther.

A little bit about me is that I have dealt with this “pretending,” pretending like I was happy all of the time. Back when I was a freshman, I was alone. No one talked to me. I wasn’t popular; I would sit alone; I was so lost. I used to think, “Why are people so mean that they can’t just talk to me?” I was sad because I had no one to talk to. Some of it is my fault because I wasn’t social; I wouldn’t talk to people. It is sad, but it’s reality. Then I thought, “I need someone,” because my sadness got worse. I went out there and made a couple friends. Also, music helped me a lot and made me feel a lot better.

I realized that from this experience that it will get better, and it did. In my opinion, nothing lasts forever. I had my friends to talk to, and they helped. Some of my close friends related to this struggle, which was good because they knew how I felt.

Others can relate to this if they feel the way I did: lost, sad and lonely. Like I said before, it will get better. If you feel like this, you should talk to someone. Just let out all of the anger and sadness that you have been keeping in for too long. Cry and just let it all out. It helps. It helped me, and I hope it helps you too.