“Unexpected” Show Review

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

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TLC’s new show, “Unexpected,” recently aired on TV a couple of weeks ago and is about three teen pregnancies and the effect they may have on their families. In each story, each of them is entirely unprepared to have their baby. Their families try and help them get through this.

The families are very nervous because they are unsure if their children will go back to school. Will the baby live? Is the couple going to get married after their baby is born? There is big conflict between the boyfriend’s parents and the girlfriend’s parents, because they are nervous for them for how they are going to react to having a baby for the first time.

“Unexpected” is about fear, concern, heartbreaks and love. In the show, you will see all of their ups and downs of their pregnancy and personal issues. Every step of the way, you will also see the family building a stronger bond with each other. “Unexpected” airs every Sunday on TLC.