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“Unexpected” Show Review

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

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TLC’s new show, “Unexpected,” recently aired on TV a couple of weeks ago and is about three teen pregnancies and the effect they may have on their families. In each story, each of them is entirely unprepared to have their baby. Their families try and help them get through this.

The families are very nervous because they are unsure if their children will go back to school. Will the baby live? Is the couple going to get married after their baby is born? There is big conflict between the boyfriend’s parents and the girlfriend’s parents, because they are nervous for them for how they are going to react to having a baby for the first time.

“Unexpected” is about fear, concern, heartbreaks and love. In the show, you will see all of their ups and downs of their pregnancy and personal issues. Every step of the way, you will also see the family building a stronger bond with each other. “Unexpected” airs every Sunday on TLC.

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Adriana Sanchez, Digital Managing Editor

"Newspaper is great because I love to put my opinion on situations that should be talked about more and hear other opinions to make sure they are heard."


3 Responses to ““Unexpected” Show Review”

  1. Dee courtney on December 16th, 2017 12:10 pm

    I have a very important thing to say about the couple Lex Lexus and her boyfriend I don’t think they should be on the show I think the boyfriend is arrogant I think he is abusive to the baby I think that the boyfriend should just disappear I don’t think that they should be portrayed as any kind of caring couple at all because the boyfriend is nothing but a narcissistic I would never allow my daughter to live in my home and have my granddaughter crying constantly because a narcissist wants to refuse to give her her pacifier she was 4 days old. What is wrong with the producers why would you air something this horrible. This couple should be taken off the show immediately I am so appalled as to how they are treating that little baby I don’t know if my comment means anything to anybody but this is the worst father I think I’ve ever seen.

  2. Dee courtney on December 16th, 2017 12:14 pm

    And that seems to be the only couple I have a problem with because the boyfriend is so much of a narcissist. He is controlling he is demanding he is being very abusive to a four-day-old little girl not giving this little girl The Pacifier that she needs to soothe herself he is rude to the mother and he is absolutely should be taken off the show and if he is taking off the show I think the whole family should be taken off the show for allowing him to put that girl Alexis and her little baby in the position they are in just because he’s the father doesn’t give him the right to sit in the mother the grandmother’s home and make that grandmother listened to that granddaughter cry and cry and cry because he is a narcissist

  3. Jacqueline Koch on September 9th, 2018 10:07 pm

    I have a comment. Max and his girl (can’t think of her name) Him wanting to go to the baby shower really is dumb. Guys don’t go to baby showers even if he thinks showers are bisexual now (lol!) He really is up her butt all the time! Let her have some time To herself enjoying her shower! So max even though u kinda look like a girl stay away from the baby shower!!!

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“Unexpected” Show Review