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Black Lives Matter vs. All lives matter

Talia Johnson, Opinions Editor

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The Black Lives Matter movement, mostly known as BLM, is a human rights group that mostly focuses on people of color. The group formed nationwide between the deaths of Trayvon Martin (Feb. 26, 2012) and Michael Brown (Aug. 9 , 2014). Before and after these deaths, shootings have been an apparent motivator for the group’s growth.

The group is known to be a modern day civil rights group, yet they have sparked debates between Americans. Some of those debates were a call to action for certain groups of people. Thus the origin of the group, All Lives Matter. ALM’s whole premise was to state that all of mankind should be or are treated equally. This is where this group tends to contradict itself. Where in the slogan “Black Lives Matter” does it say only black lives matter? Not once. It all depends on what kind of privilege you’ve had in your life that leads you to assume Only Black Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter, too.

 If you support ALM, you should support every living human that is innocent as well regardless of their culture, race or sexuality. That’s obviously not true, considering that they are trying to bury the issue of police brutality under the rug instead of helping us peacefully protest. Never have I ever seen or heard of a ALM activist at any of these BLM marches, sit-ins or rallies. Black people are people, no? They have lives, no?  Personally, the best analogy I’ve heard on the topic was on Twitter. Arthur Chu, a former Jeopardy contestant, said this, “Do people who change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter run thru a cancer fundraiser going “THERE ARE OTHER DISEASES TOO?”

Finally, these kind of people like to deflect from the issue at hand. There are groups helping stop black on black violence. There are bad seeds that like to riot and loot while representing the BLM movement, but they aren’t part of BLM. To say “All lives matter” and not being willing to benefit to the protests of any kind is a slap in the face to us. In the grand scheme, it’s a group of people trying to shut us up. Most ALM probably don’t even know what they are saying is actually ignorant or borderline racist. Instead of just seeing the world through your eyes, expand yourself. To not even at least acknowledge the fact that there’s a problem makes you part of the problem.

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Black Lives Matter vs. All lives matter