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Pitch Not-so-perfect

Talia Johnson, Opinions Editor

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With the premise The Pitch Perfect franchise is built on, you’d think the final call would leave a good taste in your mouth. The first movie was something new to the screen. With its mix of Glee and Bring it on, it brought charm, comedy and spunk. Its introduction of the main characters and secondary characters were well-organized and seemed about as natural as any teen movie can be.

The second film carried a lot of the theme and tone as the first. The third installment is where I have my issues. The third one was directed by Trish Sie. Through the first 20 minutes of the film,  you can easily spot the differences. That is not necessarily a good thing. There are some character differences in this film. That is not necessarily a good thing either.

Characters in the first two films like Jesse, Bumper and Benji are completely cut from the story line. And to be frank, I’m not quite sure if one exists. I’ll revisit the thought momentarily. According to Cinema blend, director Trish Sie stated, “I think the main purpose was these girls are moving on with their life. Maybe they’ll get back to these guys at some point. A lot of people don’t end up with their college boyfriend, and we wanted it to be about them and their independence and finding their way in the world and moving ahead alone.”

I don’t think Sie understands that this movie isn’t reality. It’s the whole concept of the movie. The outrageous stunts, the sometimes over-the-top jokes, the music and the character build up is the formula to this movie. The cutting of characters and adding of new ones is risky business in any show or film. Not to mention, the added characters are quite unnecessary. It feels like they added some new actors with names in Hollywood to catch attention and grab money. There was no reason for it. DJ Khaled, Trinidad James, Ruby Rose and John Lithgow were introduced to the franchise. This mix within itself should leave you questioning it. Just wait until you see the film. Even one of the more known Bellas, Stacie Conrad (played by Alexis Knapp), is said to be pregnant in this film and isn’t present in any of the performances, actually a good part of the movie. I’ll take Stacie over DJ Khaled any day.

Thus brings me to the plot. After the scene where the Bellas see the new Bellas performance and then go to the bar to officially reunite, the plot begins to drift. Aubrey suggests to the girls that they should form once more to perform overseas as part of the USO tour to support the troops. Her unnamed father, who we never see, gets them in. The movie strays away from that with multiple pointless and ludicrous story lines. I was so disappointed. I would’ve left the theater 55 minutes in had my sister not been there. This movie builds off the previous two movies. It’s more of a novelty act and nothing more. Glad to hear it is the last installment.  

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Pitch Not-so-perfect