Feature Friday – Nedhal Alhamawi

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Feature Friday – Nedhal Alhamawi

Madison Beck and Ashlee Dickerson

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1). What is your favorite hobby?

“My hobby is karate.”

2). Who interested/inspired you do this hobby?

“I look up to mainly myself.”

3). When did you start doing this hobby?

“When I was five years old.”

4). How do you manage your hobby?

“I don’t work so I have some free time after school. I spend two hours everyday to practice besides Sundays.”

5). Where do you go to take the time and practice your hobby?

“I go to a specific club on Charles.”

6). Why do you enjoy this kind of hobby?

“I like this hobby because of Brusle.”

7). What are easy and hard aspects of your hobby?

“I think free fighting is more easy because it is much more fun, and you can do whatever you want by yourself. I think training is more hard because you can’t do exactly what you want.”

8). Do you spend time alone with your hobby or with a group of people, if so why and how?

“By myself because I want to do better than other players.”