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Billie Eilish on the rise

Adriana Sanchez, Reporter

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For today’s review, I will be talking about an artist named Billie Eilish. The 16-year-old’s music came out about a year ago, and she already is a hit in the music business.

In my opinion, her music is very calming and sometimes relatable. Her new album “Don’t Smile At Me” is so amazing. I feel like each song will not let you down. Eilish’s songs can go from her point of view on love to very dark and twisted. Her voice is so soft and airy, if you know what I mean. If I can compare her to someone, I would compare her to Melanie Martinez or Halsey.

I feel like the music that comes out these days all sound the same, but Eilish’s music is so different. Her lyrics actually make sense and don’t sound like nonsense. Even the name of her songs make you think, “wow, this song is gonna be amazing.” If you love calm, chill vibes type of music, then you will probably like Billie Eilish’s music. One of the songs on her album is called “Ocean Eyes,” which was the song that brought her to the spotlight.

Her music is the music that you can jam out to in the shower or just lay in your bed and think about the lyrics that she is saying and think, “how can someone this young write lyrics like this?” My favorite song of hers would have to be “Watch,” it’s just so groovy and just makes you want to start dancing.

I feel like this is what the music industry needs: someone who is a great singer and is young, so that she can be a good role model to other young singers. She inspires everyone through her music, including me, because you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it. That’s why I love Eilish and her personality; she speaks her mind and doesn’t care what the haters say about her. Her music genre is Indie-Pop.

“She is good, but she sounds a lot like Halsey. For her age, she sounds really good. What she is saying in the lyrics are about real-life situations that most people don’t really sing about. I think it’s good that she is getting recognized because good music like hers that actually mean real things don’t get noticed. I would recommend her music to people who like that type of  groovy music,” said Emily Nyugen, class of 2020. 


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Billie Eilish on the rise