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Is the media at fault for its inspired crimes over the last 30 years?

Talia Johnson, Opinions Editor

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Violence in media has been a hot-button topic since the 1950’s, when horror-inspired comic books began to rise to the public eye. Television, video games, news, movies, and music apparently have played a part in multiple crimes, most notably murder. For example, Marilyn Manson got death threats for his music being influential to Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold, the two teens responsible for the mass shooting at Columbine High in 1999.

What our society needs to grasp is that parents need to stop relying on other people to educate their children. Responsibility is a big issue in American society. Certain abilities and concepts can’t be learned if not taught.

According to professor Vanessa Domine, School of Communication and Media, “There hasn’t been enough large-scale studies that correlate with on-screen violence, sex or any other explicit or graphic topics with everyday life. Parents need to pay attention to their child’s behavior. If a child has a disability, mental health issues, anger issues, et cetera, then it’d be best to keep them away from explicit content.”

The issue of crime inspired by media is parent involvement. If parents cut down and censored what their children view via phone, tablet, laptop, watch, video game console or television, children who are mentally disturbed won’t be able to see graphic scenes on any media outlet. There are ratings and viewer discretion warnings on just about everything, so to not be aware that your child might be viewing them out of curiosity might affect them.

“I think parents should raise their kids better, or someone like Marilyn Manson is going to,” said Marilyn Manson on The Phil Donahue show in 1997.

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Is the media at fault for its inspired crimes over the last 30 years?