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Could there be a drinking age for teens?

Talia Johnson, Opinions Editor

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In many parts of America, the drinking age is 21. However, I have issues with that limit.

If an 18-year-old can be drafted off to a war and die for their country, why can’t that same 18 year old drink? Let’s face it, teens are going to drink regardless. The consumption amount and age requirement of alcohol has been a hot button topic since the early 1920’s. Psychology Today’s quote on the subject is a new concept: “If our country added more rules and regulations towards the idea so that high schoolers can be taught in a class about drinking responsibly, similar to Sex Ed.”

If teens are more informed on alcoholism and got more experienced with the topic, it will be normalized. Not as many people will be binge drinking because the sense of rebellion wouldn’t be intertwined with drinking as it is in today’s society. Of course, there will be instances where there will be drunk driving with the results of killings and assaults. However, the age for drinking in America is 21, yet according to Choose Responsibility, “… twice as many 21-year-olds died in alcohol-related auto accidents as 18 year olds.

Teenagers are committing crimes just to get a hold of alcohol and are still acquiring it. Car accidents/fatalities will continue regardless of the situation. Law officials need to put some thought into the idea.

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Talia Johnson, Opinions Editor

12th grade
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Could there be a drinking age for teens?