E-Rab Teens learn more about Suicidal Prevention


Alondra Lavariega, Graphics Manager

During today’s second hour Sierra Gregg, class of 2018 presented her capstone project, a suicidal prevention assembly, regarding multiple symptoms and reasons teens face.  According to Gregg’s presentation, suicide has become the second leading cause of teenage death in America. She also invited the Shatter Our Silence team to speak about the matter by winning the audience’s emotions and confessing personal suicide experiences.

“It was an emotional and beautiful opportunity because there some people that are fine but when you realize they have suicidal thoughts and truly hurting on the inside,” says Sabaa Ali, class of 2018, “When the students rose their hands to answer the question if they have ever been suicidal, I was shocked because some of my friends put the hands up and it gave me an opportunity to talk to them.”

 Pictured: Sabaa Ali, class of 2018 and Carmen Sanchez, class of 2018.