Feature Friday – Mary Diduch

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Feature Friday – Mary Diduch

Madison Beck and Ashlee Dickerson, People Editors

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Q. What subject or subjects do you teach?

A. I teach English and English as a second language.

Q. Have you always wanted to be a teacher? Why?

A. Yes; I help create a place where students are able to express their thoughts and opinions in an encouraging and safe way; I help students learn about their individual selves.

Q. When did you know that you wanted to teach? Why?

A. High school; I wanted to help students understand ideas because it never came easy for me in school.

Q. Why did you choose to work at east?

A. I like how diverse our student body is.

Q. How have you prepared to work in a classroom? Why?

A. I’ve always had jobs in my teens and young adult years that involved working with kids.

Q. Who at East inspires you the most? Why?

A. Mrs. Garnhart because she supports students growth as young adults, she just doesn’t care about them passing her class; she cares about them as people; embodies students centered learning.

Q. If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing? Why?

A. I would be a rock star, but I’d need some music lessons, though..

Q. Where do you see yourself in the future with this career?  Why?

A. I would be teaching for the rest of my life and coaching softball too. Helping young adults learn about themselves and discovering their own strength is priceless.