The king of conspiracies

Indira Gallegos, In-Depth Editor

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These days, teens’ form of entertainment is Netflix, YouTube, and social media. One of the biggest YouTubers is Shane Dawson. Dawson is an American Youtuber known for skits, blogs/vlogs, books and his podcast. However, he is mostly known for his true crime and conspiracy theory videos. He has been making these videos for about three years now and has gained a following for it. Let’s take a look at one conspiracy theory and one true crime/mysterious deaths Shane has discussed in his videos:

1. The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theory
The mystery circulating through this airport has been around since it was announced back in the 1980’s and faced public ridicule considering that there was already a well-functioning airport about sixteen miles away from where the airport was set to be built. The Denver International airport is the biggest airport in America and The airport was opened on February 28th, 1995 and costed 4.8 billion. Completely off schedule by sixteen months and over budget with it rising two billion dollars more than it should’ve been. The weird part about that is that the donors of the money are still unknown to this day.The creepy things about the airport:

A.) The murals and sculpture
There are a few murals in the airport depicting disturbing imagery in each portrait and also a sculpture of a demon coming out of a suitcase. Regardless of the meaning of the paintings and the sculpture, there is no place for them in an airplane.

B.) The blue Mustang
Or mostly known as “Blucifer”. This blue horse is a 32-foot-long statue with red glowing eyes and is the first thing you see as you enter the airport. According to Slate, the locals think Blucifer is one of the horses of the four horses of the apocalypse referred to in The book of revelations. Rightfully so considering that the horse actually has killed someone. The man that created the sculpture, Luis Jimenez, had been finishing up the head of it when it fell on him, putting him critical condition. After two years had gone by he succumbed to his injuries and died in 2006.

C.) The underground bunker
There are conspiracy theories that there are secret bunkers and tunnels under the airport that would only be accessible to the world’s elite once the world ends. These and tunnels apparently run so deep underground it could have its own city. This conspiracy reminds me of the book “ The City of Ember”.

2.) The mysterious death of Kendrick Johnson
On January 12th, 2013, a seventeen-year-old Kendrick Johnson who was inside of a rolled up gym mat in his school gym, Lowndes High School , by students and gym teachers after being inside the mat for twenty-one hours. Students were apparently sitting around the gym mats when they seen a white sock sticking out of one of the gym mats. A gym teacher and a male student then tilted the mat to the side and begun to pull Kendrick out of the mat. However, once they saw the blood and the vomit and started to smell the decay of his body they then realized and called the Lowndes County Police Department. At this same time, Kendrick’s mother was actually inside the school looking for Kendrick. He was marked absent to his last class and didn’t come home the night before from a freshmen basketball game like he was supposed to so his mother filed a missing person’s case at midnight. The first initial investigation was done by the police in Lowndes county, Valdosta, Georgia and took four months. It was concluded that Kendrick died from accidental suffocation from falling into the mat while trying to retrieve a shoe. Kendrick’s family still don’t believe that their son was murdered by some classmates named Brian and Branden Bell , the sons of FBI agent, Rick Bell.