What to know before sophomore year Part V (relationships)

Adriana Sanchez

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One thing I didn’t do my sophomore year is get into a relationship. In my opinion, I think you should focus on school and get good grades instead of spending all your time on a relationship. I mean don’t get me wrong. People get lonely and want someone to show them some attention and care but think about it, you have all your life to find someone to love.


Don’t spend your high school years in a relationship that might not work out. I think people should make memories that will last forever with amazing friends other than worrying about a relationship. Unless you can handle a relationship, good grades, friends, and a job then this won’t apply to you.


But for me this year I was focused on my grades so I won’t fall behind. Sometimes you want a little escape from all the stress which can be nice. Sophomore year can be a lot if you let it be.