Favorite kind of movie

Rin Neimeyer, Reporter

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Every person in the world has a favorite kind of movie. Some like animated and some like comedy. Others go more for the thrill of the scare from horror. There are so many movies in the world that it is just so hard to decide on one type of movie. Some people do not even like movies or have a favorite.

“My favorite kind of movie is animation. I grew up watching them and I just love them,” said Angela Perez-Dominguez class of 2019.

I personally love horror movies. It is just something about the jump scares and the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen, that really gets my heart racing and my mind being cautious. It is almost impossible to scare me, so horror movies do not really scare me. The movie really has to be scary to get me to even flinch. I have always been like this and I am not sure why. Movies do not really scare me at all no matter what anymore.

“My favorite kind of movie is horror. I love seeing the people run and scream. It is funny when they get me caught because they are pretty dumb,” said Val Jones, class of 2019.