Favorite kind of music

Rin Neimeyer, Reporter

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There are so many kinds of music. Some people have the same taste of music as someone else. They might even have the same favorite song. The kind of music people listen to can really show how what kind of person they are. It’s shown by their behavior and the fact that they are drawn to it. It doesn’t prove that they are a good or bad person based on that, but it helps give an idea. No one can be told who they are just because they listen to that kind of music.

“My favorite kind of music is Rock and Metal. I really like the beat and sound of the music,” said Brandon Williams, class of 2019.

I personally like Rock, Metal and Screamo. I will listen to other kinds of music, but I listen to those the most. Just because I listen to music like that, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy. That’s like saying all bad people listen to music like that. I grew up with music like that and listen to it more as I grew up. No one can say I’m a bad guy just because of the music I listen to. If you want to say that to me, then go tell someone that listens to Christian music that they are a perfect angel. It doesn’t prove anything.

“My favorite kind of music is Rock and Screamo. I grew up with it and just fell in love with it,” said Britney Gomez, class of 2019.