Ariana Grande has ‘Problem’ with ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T’ at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

Adriana Sanchez

On August 31, 2018, American singer-songwriter, Aretha Franklin had her funeral at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan. Known as “The Queen of Soul” and widely known for her hit song “Respect”, Franklin had a treasured and expansive career before being diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.

When most people attend funerals, they wear proper attire. Meaning men wear suits and women wear dresses or skirts of appropriate length. What you wear identifies your public persona.

Pop-singer, Ariana Grande attended this funeral singing a rendition of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Women” to tribute to her.

During this performance she was viewed by many people for the way she was dressed. Many people thought she was dressed inappropriately.

In my opinion I thought it wasn’t a good choice to wear a such a short dress to a funeral. She should have worn something more proper given it was a main event that meant so much to many people.

Numerous people blamed the way she was dressed for why Pastor Ellis sexually harassed Grande. It doesn’t matter the way a woman is dressed a man should never touch a woman in a inappropriate way. Since then Ellis has apologized for doing what he has done to Grande. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what a women is wearing. A man should have self control and be a gentlemen. A gentlemen means being a courteous and honorable man. Apologies do not excuse a mans wrongdoing.

Situations like this happen unknowingly all the time in the workforce and many other places. Men should learn on how to ask consent and learn about respect for women. Men should learn from a young age how to have admiration for women. Men should have communication skills when coming in contact with woman.

When a man sexually assaults/harasses a woman, the woman should tell the authorities right away. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they are the only victim of these problems. Many women are now coming out about how they got sexually assaulted/harassed many years ago. They do not have to suffer for many years if they can come out now.