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Happy belated Halloween

Rin Neimeyer, Reporter

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  Happy belated Halloween, everyone. It’s the spookiest time of the year when ghosts and ghouls come out to haunt the streets once again. Children dress in costumes, go from one house to another, and get handfuls of candy. Halloween music plays and moonlight shines through the clouds. People have Halloween parties in costumes and just have fun. Scary stories are told to kids, and teenagers scare random people.

 “I got dressed up in my costume and hand out candy to the little kids that came by,” said Amanda Martin, class of 2020.

 For Halloween, I dressed up in my costume and went trick or treating with my little nephews. They begged me to take them and wanted me to dress up too. I ended up picking a Purge Cannibal. My face and shirt were covered in blood. There was black under my eyes and blood dripping from my mouth. My shirt and pants were ripped and my hands were dipped in the blood. I was wearing a mask that matched my shirt. When I pulled my mask up everyone was able to see the makeup on my face.

 “I hid in my room from the trick-or-treaters,” said Jordan Clancy, class of 2019.

 Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I love dressing up, scaring people, the spooky music, and the awesome decorations. If you did something for Halloween this year, comment below what you did.

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Happy belated Halloween