Politicians target teen voting

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

These past few months it’s seemed as if everywhere you look it’s a ‘vote for this person” or “don’t vote for this person”. All this hype has been directed at the younger generation, in hopes that they will want change.

Personally I think that by overwhelming us with attack ads and or other smears that it discourages us from even wanting to go out. Recently the biggest back and forth battle has been between the current IL Governor, (R) Bruce Rauner and (D) J.B. Pritzker who, who according to ProPublica.org, has spent a combined $234.5m on their campaigns, yet according to Business Insider.com the current salary for the governor is only $177,412.

The extent to publicize this election has expanded to social media areas like Snapchat, in which they provide filters and stickers for voters. Furthermore just about every ad from YouTube to Spotify is something political.

The point of pushing it this much if most teens probably won’t vote. An article from NPR said “millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election; compared to 72 percent of the Silent Generation, who habitually punch above their weight.”

So based on previous data this new hope of change doesn’t look to live up to their standards. Many politicians have pressed onto the media how crucial this election is for either themselves or the country in general. So within the days following the results we’ll see what happens.