Special Edition of Humans of East High: Vincent Christidis


Jasmina Singmouangthong, Print Managing Editor

“I’ve been playing soccer for almost about ten years. I think this year, we knew when to joke around and when to work led us to success. We did what we wanted to do to make history and put in 100%. I’m very proud of what we achieved, even though we came up short. All in all, though, we made a major improvement because last year we were in the bottom half, like in 6th or something. Now, we’re in the top half. Many of us were playing our last year of soccer for school, and that motivated us. The fact that there weren’t many roster changes made the second year even better. It was a true honor being captain of the soccer team because few players get to lead a team. That was probably my favorite part: leading my teammates the right way.”

-Vincent Christidis, class of 2019

[Varsity soccer team captain]