East Esports on the rise

Sully Reilly, Reporter

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   East High School’s Esports club has started up and they play the video game League of Legends. Allen Noland hosts this club every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in room 201 to play and meet up.

  Noland took over the club because he loves video games and helping students out.

  “I saw there was an opening, and I am a gamer. I love kids, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to help kids,” said Noland.

  This is more than an esports club for Noland. He is helping his former student to become a teacher, and he gets to use this club as a way to assist his coaching.

  “My former student, Tommy To, who is becoming a teacher himself, pretty much leads the club. It helps me coach Tommy on becoming a teacher, so it’s a double positive,” said Noland.

  There is a lot to come for this club later this year. Mr. Noland is working to set up a large tournament to compete with other schools.

  “We are looking into having a tournament at the Metro Center (BMO Harris Bank Center) sometime in January. I’ve been meeting with other coaches to set this up. I am trying to make this a sport rather than just a club,” said Noland.

  A big thing about Esports to Noland is how open it is to everybody. He enjoys how anyone can join and have a great time, even if they have no experience at all.

  “Esports is something anyone can do. If you can click a mouse and hit a keyboard, then you can join the team,” said Noland.

 Although it started off relatively small, the Esports club is expecting a bright future at East High School.