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Advice to younger self

Rin Neimeyer, Reporter

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   Everybody wishes they could go back and change things in their past. If you had a chance to go back and talk to your younger self, would you do it? What would you tell them? Do you think they would listen? Would you try to bring them back with you?
   “I would tell myself to persevere and never give up on my dreams,” said Andrea Manriquez-Rodriguez, class of 2019.
   If I could go back in time, I would. I would tell him that life will always have its up and downs and that even though life sucks at times, it doesn’t mean you can just give up. Life will always be hard, but it gets better. I would tell him who to stay away from because there are people that are not going to help him and will just make his life horrible. I would tell him to listen to Alex, that he knows what he’s talking about and he’s just trying to help. I would tell him about his parents splitting up, and that it’s hard, but in the end, it’s way better. I would explain to him that he’s not stupid and that he has ADHD and that’s why he can’t focus. I would tell him about the guys his mom dates after his dad and that he ends up living near Alex. I would tell him that he can do whatever he wants if he puts his mind and effort to it. I would tell him that he ends up getting his room back. I would tell to him that if he follows what I tell him to do, then he will turn out fine.
   “I would tell myself not to procrastinate so much,” said Dream Harris, class of 2019.
   Our past helps form who we are and the quality of our current life. It’s not always our fault for the way things are. Sometimes, the way things are is due to somebody else. There are things we cannot change, things that might change our lives that we can’t control. The past can never be changed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a better future.
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Advice to younger self