It’s ‘final’ly here

Jack Bathje, Sports Editior


With finals basically here, the stress around them has grown. For many, the week building up is full of studying and trying to get  assignments in order to get the highest percentage possible.

The views on this topic varies through the whole student body, and each grade has a different stance on this testing week.

 Ben Bathje class of 2022 says, “As a freshman I expect finals to basically be a recap of all we learned in each class throughout the semester”.

With this being his first time testing this way, he seems very positive about the out come.

 “They’ll be hard but, I know to just try my best, and I’ll be happy with the grades that I get,” said Bathje.

Just the idea of having to take finals gives most people a bad feeling but its not as bad as it seems. For me, cramming in hours to study has never  really worked out, and I find it best to take in what’s needed throughout the day, not all at once. So, by the time that I have to take the tests, I will have most of the content needed.

For the upperclassmen, their take on Finals differs from the freshmans new take.

East High senior, Henry Campbell says, “I do not care about finals as much as I used to; they don’t affect me more than expected.”

Campbell’s advice to freshmen on how to prepare is very simple but a safe option: “ You should review your notes throughout the weeks before, so you don’t have to cram right before finals.”

 So with winter break within a week, the grind starts to get through and finish the exams, and hope for the best.