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Freshman Expo 2018

Raquel Salazar, Reporter/ Communication Directior

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As the class of 2022 crowds at the entrance, they point out the giant dinosaur while admiring the vast amounts of booths available to them; the students were thrilled to explore the job forces. On Oct. 24, 2018, the Mercy Sportscore held the annual Freshman Academy Expo. This event consists of various workforces gathering and showing students’ future career options.

There were a plethora of companies that offered many benefits and lessons that help the students.

“Well it’s a two-year program we offer for X-ray, and after that, we also have an ultrasound program you can go into that, it’s a great learning experience,” said Lindsey Grismore, from Medical Imaging. For students interested in the medical field, the programs could be beneficial and short.

For many students, this event was an opportunity to explore many different career choices and find interests.

“I found archaeology which my grandfather does and health, I found it interesting because of how entertaining it can be,” Said Maria Luisa Rivera, class of 2022, who had feedback on the activities and programs offered at the Expo.

     As the student’s cruise around, they get more of an idea about career choices and their interests. As a junior, the memory of our own Expo reminisces. Our Academy Expo was larger than this year. Freshman Academy Principal Tami Behrman about the size change and the reason the size was decreased was to apparently improve the “flow” of the exposition. Behrman explained another reason; the number of empty booths was a result of absences of the hosts was larger. Even with all the absences, the Academy Expo was a success, and the students had the opportunity to learn and better their decision of an academy this winter.


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Freshman Expo 2018