The future of East Highlights

Raquel Salazar, Reporter/ Communications Director

      Backed by seventy-five years of tradition, East Highlights is an outlet for E-Rab journalists, a way to communicate needs and satisfaction. As East Highlights staff, our mission is to effectively produce credible content, continue strengthening our journalistic skills and create an outlet of transparency and inclusion for the student body. East Highlights is not just a school’s newspaper, it is a form of expression, we need you to keep it alive.

     For East Highlights that means stopping the production of a newspaper altogether if the class is taken away, according to Brittany Glidden the Newspaper adviser, we will not continue any form of publishing, regardless of the seventy-five years of production. Ultimately students make the desition of keeping the tradition alive when not enough students are interested in participating in the future. This can make enrollment into class more difficult, programs active and consistent to maintain enrollment the course could go away, Peter Verona, principal of East High explain the process of eliminating classes. For East Highlights the future is not certain, production will continue until our future is decided.