RPS205 holds SAT prep at Guilford

Martin Lozano, Indepth Editor

Many juniors seeking to have a better chance of getting into their dream college and universities should take their SAT score into consideration. Having a high score on the SAT helps colleges and universities recognize your academic abilities and have a better chance of accepting you. RPS205 is hosting SAT prep at Guilford High School, which is a perfect opportunity to better your chances.


“NO cost to the student to sign up. Students who attend all four sessions will receive a $25.00 Visa gift card. SAT takes place in school on April 9, 2019,” said RPS205.


Not only is this program going to be held at no cost, but it results in getting a $25.00 gift card back in return. Even if you can’t find transportation to Guilford High School, the district will provide transportation from your school at no cost.


“It’s very beneficial to those students who wish to succeed academically,” said Carina Sund, class of 2020.


Those who knew about this opportunity aren’t wasting their time. They’re taking action right away and signing up because they wish to thrive educationally. This paints a new picture on how our school district thinks the their students should do on the SAT.


“It shows that they actually care about their students and how they’re willing to go the extra mile in order to improve the test scores at all RPS205 schools,” said Maranda Gonzales, class of 2020.


If you’re a junior, or know of one that needs to hear about this, don’t hesitate to let them know of this  great opportunity and have them sign up by Jan. 31.