Conspiracy Theories

Tabitha, Reporter/ Communications Director

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A long thought out idea about something illogical, sometimes illegal, is a conspiracy theory. There are a lot of well known conspiracies, and there are small ones that maybe go really in depth about a subject that doesn’t get as much attention. A teacher here at East has her own conspiracy theory about time. Ms. Baldwin’s theory is that our time as children is indefinite and endless to us, as time progresses, we hit our middle age and our life is like a pendulum, swinging freely to only a certain extent. Time moves faster as we go on and our time frame gets smaller. Ms. Baldwin believes that we have a “Subconscious built-in clock” that prepares us for our deaths. And on a completely different spectrum, Adrian Sanchez, Class of 2020 believes in both the supernatural and extraterrestrial, but doesn’t have a theory. Adrian just has a solid belief in them and an endless list of what they could be.

A visual representation of the theory Ms. Baldwin thought up.