Looking for the right college

Ermilo Sanchez, Reporter

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  My senior year is going by so fast. The last four years of high school have led up to this moment: finding a college or university I want to go to. It doesn’t seem that bad or even that big of a deal, but I struggle to find a school since there were many things I didn’t realize about.

  When I started the search for colleges/universities,  I realized there are so many factors to look into when you search up these schools. Tuition is one of them. For me, it is a major consideration and influences my search and decisions. The most expensive university I looked at was around $55,000 a year. The average cost for colleges and universities are around $40,000 a year. There are cheaper schools like community colleges, but many seniors are looking into a four year school. Here is the catch: you don’t pay for the entire price. FAFSA and scholarships that many of these schools give out help reduce the price of tuition. FAFSA is the student aid that the government gives out to help pay for school based on your family’s taxes. I highly recommend to fill out FAFSA as soon as you can. Scholarships are given out every day from many organizations, and there is so much of money that goes unused because people don’t apply for them. Apply to every scholarship you are given the opportunity to. Do it.

  Don’t let the cost of tuition scare you from deciding on the right college because you will likely not pay the full tuition thanks to scholarships and FAFSA.

  Another stressful thing I had about finding a college are the visits. It might not seem difficult until you are on a visit. You might not know what to ask, what to look for, what to expect, etc. Some people go to visits just to go, but I go to a visit for one reason: to see if I feel like I belong there. A school is where I will feel like I am home.  When I go to a visit for a university or college, I want to know if I feel comfortable with the school. You might be looking at a school for their big parties or fraternities or because people you know are there. All that stuff might be fun, but if you don’t feel like it’s the school for you, then what is the point? You are paying for an education and a place where you are going to spend the next four (maybe six) years training and preparing for the career you are going into. I have been to a couple of school where I know for sure that I will not feel like I belong there, but there have been a couple of schools where I had a feeling I would fit right in and felt comfortable at. I recommend to go with a school you want to belong to and feels like you are at home.

  I found my search more helpful when I got the help I needed. There were many times where I would be confused with the applications for college or how I would get into contact with these schools to set up visits. I also want to continue my football career into college so I can play for a couple of more years. I am very grateful to have my head football coach helping me out with my search. Since I have told him my plan for my future, he has been bringing college coaches in and helping me with what I should do to get into more schools.

  “I bring in colleges that I believe would be a great fit with your personality and what you are looking for in a school,” said Gary Griffin, head football coach.

  His help has been very beneficial on my search, and I know I am not the only one struggling to find a school. Desman Diehl, a friend of mine, is also looking for a college to continue his education and play a couple years of college football.

  “I want to become a athletic/personal trainer, so it makes my search kind of difficult. Some schools offer it, but I am not interested in those schools. I want to go to a college where I know I will succeed and feel like I am at home,” said Desman Diehl, class of 2019.

  Do not worry about not finding the right college for you. We will all find that one college or university that you will want to attend to. I know that my search will help me decide on where I want to go. Get the help you need and find the school you feel like you belong to. The next four years will be the most important part of your life. Make the best of it.