RPS 205 makes calendar changes to 2019 school year

Natali Cuevas, News Editor

In the beginnings of December, rumors had been going around about a calendar change for 2019-2020 school year. On Dec. 11, the school board met to discuss the changes. By the end of the night, they approved next years calendar.

  In previous years, we have started school in the middle of August and have ended within the last week of May, with the exception of snow days. The first day of the upcoming school year will be the day after labor day, Sep. 3. The last day of school will be Jun. 5.

  The districts reasoning for a later start is to avoid those ten hot days in August. Many schools in the district do not having any air conditioning. School buildings tend to get extremely hot during the first month of school.

  Alongside with the late start, the district has added 4 more instructional days. The state has changed its calendar requirements. The state used to require 172 school days, but has changed it to 176 school days. Elementary and middle schools will have 4 added school days whereas high schools will have 5 days added. 5 days being added is due to graduation. Students will no longer have graduation day off. Instead, graduation will be held in the afternoon.

 Because of the calendar change, first semester finals will not take place until after winter break. This has brought uproar among the student body.

 “Why would they put finals after break? Students will forget what they have learned and prevent studying.” said Alyssa Kelley, class of 2020.

  Although finals will take place after winter break, Superintendent, Dr. Ehren Jarrett said that finals would take place around the last week of January and allow students plenty of time to review and studying.

  “It’s horrible. Break is supposed to be a mental ‘break’ after a long semester of work. Now we can’t enjoy it as much due to worry of finals,” said Connor Fowler , class of 2020.

  Fowler feels as if there will be no relaxation, and only stress.

  Kelley also said that she feels as if though study time would be broken up. Kids would forget even more about the subject.

  In last week’s board meeting, changing the time students start and leave school was brought up. Nothing has been approved yet, but students have began to discuss their thoughts.

  Allegedly, Elementary schools would start at 7:30AM rather than 7:45AM and they would leave school around 1:50PM. Middle schools would start at 9AM rather than 8:45AM, and the classes would end at 4PM. High Schools would begin at 8:15PM and classes would end at 3:30PM.

  The student body has since began to express their feelings and thoughts about the school board’s decision.