Aquaman Great Adventure

Chastity Myers, Reporter

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D.C Aquaman

Aquaman was released on December 21,2018  , . The movie was made as a  fantasy/science fiction ,Aquaman  is 2 hours and 23 minutes long . Overall the movie was amazing. There’s so many incredible scenes with Aquaman swimming and other special effects.


Jason momoa plays ( Aquaman) along with Amber Heard ( Mera) , Nicole  Kidman ( Alanna) ,Yahya-Abdul-Mateen, (Black Manta), Patrick Wilson (Ocean Monster). In the movie, Arthur Curry goes on this crazy adventure  when he finds out who he really is. He has many challenges to face when he meets his half brother Orm ,who’s ruler of the kingdom of Atlantis . Alongside with a special girl to help him on the way. He goes to fight what he wants,which is the throne.


My favorite highlight is when Aquaman found his mother and he accepted his true potential. Also the fighting and comedy added a great touch.


Jason Momoa  has starred in other D.C  movies such as Justice League and Batman vs Superman. I hope you all go watch the movie to find out what happens to Aquaman.


See you in the theaters.