Should students be allowed to go to school in freezing temperature?

Chastity Myers, Reporter

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How cold is too cold for students to come to school?


Most school boards decide too close school by the wind chill and being below a specific temperature. On “ January 15, 2018 Raytown schools retweeted a tweet by The National Weather Service in Kansas City residents in the area can expect “bitterly cold” temperatures Monday night, with wind chill values around negative 20 to negative 30 degrees by Tuesday morning.”


Also the, school board needs to take into consideration the safety of the kids walking in these chilling temperatures. , Some students have to walk a mile just to get to school. Frostbite “can occur on exposed skin in less than 30 minutes,” According to, There should be certain temperatures where the school board can’t make kids go to school for fear of affecting their health. Ultimately it’s up to their parent or guardian to keep their child home, However absences stacking up is not a very great solution either, because when they come back they will have a

lot of makeup work and could be behind. Overall, the school board needs to come up with a better solution for students and staff to be safe. A solution I think that would work better is. Every school should maybe start later on those days, because people will have time to shovel their driveways and the buses have more time to heat up, If school started later on super cold days. Along with snow plows are able to help get snow of the street to make it a little safer for students to get to school.