Senior sets goal to save theatre program


Braulio Saucedo, People Editor

   As many of you might have noticed this school year, there wasn’t a fall theatre production as there always is. That’s because the theatre department is lacking an acting teacher that could coordinate the productions. At the beginning of the year, Mikayla Miracle, former technical theater teacher at Guilford High School, took the position for a couple months. But upon receiving a better job opportunity, she left East.

  After the position was left vacant, many theatre students started to question the possibility of there being a spring musical. Among the many students was Lexi Smith class of 2019, who has been involved in East’s theatre since she was a sophomore. Early on, Smith developed a passion for theatre. She started performing when she was in elementary school and since then has been in nine productions, three of them which have been at East.

  “The first time I saw an East production, I was in absolute awe and when I finally joined the program, it was incredible to see all of the work that went into it,” said Smith.

    For Smith, not having a fall play and lacking staff for productions, showed how the theatre department is having some problems on being kept alive and ongoing. The problem the program is facing is much more than not having an acting teacher, it’s also decreasing smaller in size.

  “The theater program is in severe danger of diminishing,” said Smith. “Over the past few years we’ve had more people graduate than joining the program which has led to a very small acting and technical crew.”

  Smith recounts theatre as one of her “favorite things about East,” and in hopes of keeping the program alive she has since taken some initiatives. Smith has since attempted to find a theatre teacher for East, finding someone who could lead as the theatre director and has talked to Dr. Verona to see possible solutions for this problem.

  “In order to save the program I’ve encouraged underclassmen to join. What will really save the program is an increase of new members. After my class graduates this year, the program will only have about six members for both cast and crew,” said Smith.

 East’s principle, Dr.Verona, has been trying to fill the vacant job position ever since Miracle left.

   “You can contact either Guilford for tech. and Jefferson for the play, but contact her [Jefferson’s director] fast because she’s casting and Guilford still has some spaces. I’m still trying to get in a new theatre teacher,” said Dr.Verona.

  This news left theatre students bittersweet, as some looked forward to perform on East’s stage one last time. Until now, the future of East’s theatre is to be known, but for now the curtains remain closed.