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Where did the “student” in student section go?

*This graphic shows a better image of why game attendance is so low, out of the 35 students surveyed the highest reason was simply that nobody cares to go.

*This graphic shows a better image of why game attendance is so low, out of the 35 students surveyed the highest reason was simply that nobody cares to go.                                                                                                         

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

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   Throughout this year East’s sports teams have done really well, yet the the student attendance  doesn’t seem to back it up. Our own “Rowd-E-Rab” student section is at an all time low, this section is slowly dying when our team is moving up for the first time in years.

  Some reasons span from having no way to get to the events, to just general disinterest in what’s going on, or too much class work to deal with. At this point it seems like school work comes before school spirit.believe the reason why there is such a low turnout is because of the lack of effort in the students to want to put in to go watch a game and dress up for the student section. To a lot of the students, it seems more of hassle and it’s easier just to not go.” Said Mimi Bach, class of 2020.

  To go along with her strong opinion on this, she proposes a solution, “Getting students to actually show up and to get together to cheer on our sports team is going to have some help from the domino effect. If more students advocated about the need for more students to come and how much fun it actually is, maybe it’ll open minds that it’s cool to show school spirit. As well that it’s enticing to go watch a game and spend time with fellow peers. If we have people come, maybe it’ll spark interest in others to come the next time.”

  Knowing now that there is still people who believe in student involvement, it gives a good chance of the student section come back. Although there are some who think its not coming back in the way we wanted.

“ I think we’ll definitely have a real student section again at some point, but I don’t think it’s going to happen as soon as some people expect. Why would a whole generation of students suddenly change their mind and decide to put more effort into something that’s been notoriously weak for years? I think changing certain elements of our section could help, but I don’t know if anything could completely alter the current going-ons. Personally, it doesn’t appeal to me due to a kind of pack mentality. A majority of the kids in the student section know each other, and all the people I know sit outside it”, said Jackson Wyatt, class of 2020.

  Throughout East’s time the student section has been a force of energy at games, but with its slow decline comes a need to build it back to what it needs to be. It’s truly up to the underclassmen to start coming and supporting our teams, especially when they are doing so well.





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Where did the “student” in student section go?