Bears lose by one

Ermilo Sanchez, Reporter

   The Bears had a surprising season with many talented players that contributed to its 2018 season. With a young quarter running the offensive while Khalil Mack destroying offensives around the league on the defensive side. But during the last few seconds of the first round playoff game against the Eagles, there was one player that had the chance to tie the game to overtime. But he missed the field goal.

  Cody Parkey missing the last second field goal attempt was a total disappointment to the Bear’s fans. They are not happy.

  Fans where showing their outrage on multiple social media outlets over Cody Parkey missing the last chance for the Bears to tie up the game. But many people do not realize that blaming Cody Parkey for losing the game was not entirely his fault. There are many factors that went into the Bears playoff game that caused them to lose.

  A team plays as a team. A team like the Bears that have several very talented players. Those players are often in the spotlight and are tied into the only players that make their team successful. Head coach for the Bears Matt Nagy stated in a interview with the Chicago Tribune,” We always talked about a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’ thing, and we always talk as a team (that) we win as a team, we lose as a team.”

  As a team, it does not matter one player messes up. Football is truly a team sport when if one person makes a mistake, it’s a whole team mistake. The game itself was just a back and forth game. Making it a team game since the scores were so close.

  “The game was very close. The Bears played well but they could of played a little bit harder,” said Zach Moore, class of 2019.

  The Bears have a very talented team that there will be no doubt they will come back into the 2019 NFL season strong. Cody Parkey missing the last field goal is not the end for the Bears. They still have another chance next season to make it to the Super Bowl.