Passing time during passing time.

Chastity Myers, Reporter

These are my personal do and don’ts of passing time. Do people annoy you in the hall, walk too slow or even stand right in middle of the hall? Here are my tips to help.

Do :Walk at a reasonable pace, and if you want talk to your friends, please move to either side of the hallway. That way, you’re not making someone else late to class, we all would really appreciate that.

Don’t: Be annoying and stand in middle of the hallway talking to people.It slows everyone down and causes a traffic jam of people .Also when someone says excuse me and you don’t move, it’s kind of rude.

Do: Use your time wisely because you only have 5 minutes. If you have to use the bathroom, make sure you actually go.

Don’t: Push people out of your way if you’re in a rush.

Do: Take the easiest and closest route to get to class on time. It makes your life a lot easier.


In no way was I trying to be offensive or come off as snobby, I just wanted to share some tips there. “common sense”


Just remember to be courteous. There are other people around you in the hallway .Thank you.