RPS205’s sudden schedule change

Sully Reilly, Reporter

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 The RPS205 start has been consistent for as long as most of us remember. School always started at 8:30 and ended at 3:45. A sudden change in this very consistent schedule would be a complete oddity and cause a lot of discomfort within returning high school students. These new start times seem very unnecessary and without solid reasoning.

  According to the official RPS205 website, the 2019-2020 school year has start times of 8:15 and the end of the school day has changed to 3:30. The start date moved back and so did the end date. Our Winter Break will be shortened by 3 days, and we will have less days off all around. Final exams will be after Winter Break as well.

  The new schedule changes are unnecessary. School starts after Labor Day, which is 10 days after how it was, which doesn’t seem like an approvement. The push back of the start date is supposed to benefit students in regard to the initial heat of the school year. The heat is a little discomforting at the beginning of the year, but it isn’t unbearable. It is not a big enough deal to totally push the schedule back to avoid.

  Most students don’t have a really big issue with the start time of 8:15, but have an issue with the all around date school starts and ends.

  “I believe that starting at 8:30 and ending at 3:30 isn’t a big deal. It is only being a 15 minute difference, so students will adapt to it quickly. However the bigger changes such as the beginning of the school year, the change of finals being after winter break, and this break being shortened are all changes that I have heard students already complain about,” said Allison Aubuchon, Class of 2020.  

  This whole new schedule totally throws off everything, especially the class of 2020. They will be seniors, but they are and have been used to the same schedule for the past 3 years, including exams before their Winter Break.

  Other students don’t have a real issue with these sudden changes, presenting an idea of it not being a big deal. This is partially true, but it is still very uncomfortable to change a very consistent schedule very suddenly.

  “It doesn’t really change too much and I’m fine with it,” said Tristen Wagoner, class of 2020.  

  Yet again, the changes feel unnecessary. The 15 minutes do not feel like a very big,  impactful change at all.

  “I like how school is starting earlier, but I don’t see how the 15 minutes would be needed at all,” said Jackson Morrison, class of 2022.

  These sudden changes are very unneeded are totally bizarre. There are many ways we could make a change to solve RPS205’s problems, but these are not it. We should come up with something else.