Birdbox Challenge

Eliza Contreras, Opinions Editor

Many people have done the Bird Box challenge. One Bird Box challenge was done by Jake Paul. He’s 22 years old and was born on January 7th, 1997. He’s one of YouTube’s many known YouTube’s with a total of 17 million subscribers. In his Bird Box challenge video the part that caught my attention would be when he walked out on ongoing traffic blindfolded and then he attempted to operate a vehicle completely blindfolded as well. Many people may say Jake’s video of his challenge made them laugh, but doing this challenge is something that shouldn’t be done in the first place. Which may be one of the main reason that his video is no longer on YouTube, they must’ve taken it down because of how dangerous and idiotic this challenge is. Or since Jake Paul was getting a lot of hate for this video, he could’ve taken it down himself.