Q: If school was a movie, what movie would we all be in?

Chastity Myers

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A: “This school could not be just one movie because it’s so diverse”, said Samantha Mccoa.


A: “13 reasons why, Because of all the gossip and how toxic high school relationship can be,” said Julien Gomez.


A:, “High School Musical, Because the school names are the same and the schools look similar in real life’’,said Diamond Frick.


A: “High School Musical, Because this school is crazy and very diverse, but also can be really fun at times,’’said Isabella Castronova.


A: “life of a king, Because of the environment and how people act in our school.” ,said Jozlynn Overton.


A: “Animal house, Because of all the shenanigans that go on here,” said Teacher Brett Wilson.


A: “Coach Carter, Because of how the students act and the emphasis, “said Teacher Ashley Hurley.


A: “On My Block, Because everything in the movie is focused poor neighborhood similar to East ’’, said Conner Fowler.


A: “A Walk to Remember, Because we have clicks here and unpredictable relationship and friendships there more to people than meets the eye,” said Heather Neal.