Icehogs raising funds for Rockford Promise Scholarship


Braulio Saucedo, People Editor

 The Icehogs have partnered with the Rockford Promise Program to raise funds for a scholarship. The Rockford Promise Night game will be held at the BMO Harris Bank Center; tickets cost is fifteen dollars each. The Icehogs will be taking on the Texas Stars on Sunday, March 17.

   The Rockford Icehogs are a local hockey team that have been around since 1999. Over those twenty years on the ice, they have worked with many organizations, but this year is the first year that they partnered with the Rockford Promise Program.

  “Rockford Promise and the Rockford IceHogs were connected nearly a year ago by a Rockford Public Schools Board member,” said Josh Hoffman, ticket sales coordinator for the Icehogs. “Through several meetings with RPS representatives and  IceHogs staff, we cultivated the partnership and developed the framework for student engagement.”

   According to their website,, the Rockford Promise Program is “a non-profit  location-based scholarship program that offers full-tuition scholarships to deserving graduates of Rockford Public School District 205.”

Since 2007, they have granted over fifty scholarships, and after 2015, full-tuition scholarships were granted.

  “We work with several charitable organizations, and this opportunity stood out to us because we believe in our community’s ability to transform itself through education,” said Hoffman.

   This year, the organization granted Angela Perez, an East Senior, a full-tuition scholarship to Rockford University. She is among the many RPS students who are able to pursue a higher education because of this scholarship.

   “It provides me with the opportunity to pursue my dreams without being a financial burden on my parents, and I’m very grateful for it,” said Perez.

The Rockford Promise Night event is a hockey game that will be held to raise funds and to celebrate the scholarship recipients. Tickets sales have started and can be purchased up to game day at the door. One can purchase tickets  by scanning the QR code which will lead you to a website for ticket purchase. Five dollars of the fifteen dollar tickets go to the Rockford Promise to fund a scholarship for a local student.

  Besides the funding of a scholarship, the Icehogs have challenged all five of RPS high schools to encourage ticket purchase among the community. The high school who sells the most tickets will receive an additional donation from the Icehogs.

   “It goes to a good cause [ticket purchase] and it also benefits the school if we win the competition. Not to mention it brings the community together in a fun way,” said Mathews.

  Since this announcement was made, Matthews has taken initiatives to encourage students to purchase tickets. She is trying to get as many students, families and friends to attend the game to help this cause, and if possible, win the donation. If East wins, the donation would benefit the class of 2019. One can support their high school by selecting the high school’s name when purchasing a ticket.

  “Right now, we have morning announcements going and we’re also going to advertise it at the basketball games. It’s a good opportunity for my class because the school that sells the most tickets gets part of their prom paid for,” said Mathews.

  If you have that Sunday night free, go and support this good cause and help your school win the challenge. The partnership hopefully will continue to go on and help many more students.

  “We think this partnership is going to continue to develop. Rockford Promise is growing rapidly and is a recognizable initiative delivering results to its scholars. We want to be part of that and hope to grow the initiative,” said Hoffman.