Girl’s Soccer Team Spreads Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Week


The team delivered donuts to Rockford Fire Stations 3, 10, and 11.

Hailey Hunter, Social Media Director

The team delivered donuts to Rockford Fire Stations 3, 10, and 11 on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Picture by Priscilla Rivas, head soccer coach.

 At East High School, the girls soccer program has been known for their random acts of kindness. This started last February, when the team wrote positive messages on sticky notes and stuck them to every locker in the building. A simple act of kindness inspired by an upcoming tournament that promoted soccer teams around the state to participate in National Random Acts of Kindness Week, led to something even bigger.

  Since then, the team has continued to do kind things around the school and community. This year included doing the locker notes again, making Valentines to give out at a nursing home and taking donuts to Rockford Fire Stations 10, 11 and 3.

  “It’s fun to do activities like this because not only does it make you feel good, but we’re making other people feel good too. So in the end, it’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved and it’s just a bunch of happy people,” said Zoe Forss, class of 2020.

  Being a part of these events has not only been fun to do together and heartwarming to see the smiles we put on peoples faces, but it has built us to be better people. It has opened our eyes up to see what simple acts of kindness like a couple words of encouragement on a tiny slip of paper can mean to someone.

“It’s definitely inspired my teammates and I to be more willing to go out and do something nice for people. You can easily make someone’s day with the small stuff and it becomes so much bigger,” said Forss.

  Ever since the team began these spontaneous acts of kindness, more and more people have taken interest in what we were doing. More teachers started coming to our games and some of them even donated money to the team.

  Doing this adds a certain asset to the team that other teams might not have. It builds our confidence and brings us closer when we bond outside of the soccer field. We aren’t just teammates, we’re a family, and part of that has to do with what we do outside of soccer, how we interact and spend time together. So doing kind things for other people sparks a positive impact on us as players and as people.

  “It builds their character,” says Priscilla Rivas, girls head soccer coach.

  As the season is only just beginning, the team will continue to come up with new ways to do good things in their community and inspire on and off the field.