Sully’s Cinematics: Shazam! – will it be good?

Sully Reilly, Reporter

  Shazam!, the next movie coming in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), comes out April 5, and I could be a little more excited for it. I personally love the trailer and what it shows off so far. It looks fantastic  and absolutely hilarious.

  The only thing I am worried about is the fact that it is created by DC. DC has not been making the best movies, especially when they try and make them more light-hearted. They never feel like good superhero adaptations.

  In DC’s movie Justice League, they tried to be light-hearted and ultimately failed. It didn’t resonate very well with the fans (unless you were a hardcore follower of the comics).

  The trailers make this movie seem extremely enjoyable. I am actually excited for a DC movie for once, and I have never really had any strong feelings for DC. If I paid attention to the comics, I am sure I would be even more excited — so it is odd that I am even excited for it at all.  

  I am putting my faith into this movie. I believe this movie will kick start the DCEU into something newer and greater. This will help advance the DC movie universe with the success it should get. I am very ecstatic for what this movie will bring.