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Job Shadowing

Leading East High School to success.

Raquel Salazar and Tabitha Yoakum

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Through Alignment Rockford and Rockford Public Schools, East has participated in a pilot program.

The program consists of “job shadowing”, it’s mostly directed towards juniors according to Mitchell Rose, the director of the program at East, “ The idea is that we want tons of kids to go to college, but college for some students may not be financially feasible(…)” in addition the “shadowing provides an insight in to careers students may wish to pursue.

Chad Monmany, class of 2020, participated in the shadowing of the Rock Valley College Starlight Theater saying “I chose to participate because I wanted to know about the ins and outs of musical production because I usually play for the pit … I wanted to see throughout the whole thing instead of a high school production, a more professional scene…”

The shadowing is done locally, which Rose commented will help Rockford’s economy. Students also have the opportunity to suggest jobs. “We want to make sure students are ready when they leave here”

Jayla Brown, class of 2020, credited the program, “It confirms what I want to do.”

The “Pilot” program at East gives students the opportunity to look beyond high school, with an alternative to college or trade school. The program will offer more shadowing in the coming month of March, and suggestions are still being taken. For more information on future shadowing contact Mr. Rose in the main office.

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