Vans and high wasted jeans, fashion at its finest.

Chastity Myers, Reporter


Q:What is your favorite fashion trend and why?

A: “Overalls because you can put any shirt underneath them and still look nice,” said Julian Vallejo, class of 2020.


A:” Dresses because they make you feel girly and pretty,” said Adrianna Davis, class of  2019.


A: “Curly hair because its super cute and easy to do,”said Natalie Mihigo, class of 2019.


A: “ I enjoy scrunchies because they promote healthy hair growth and there really stylish,” said Sinai Saucedo, class of 2019.


A:” I’ve had a pair of converse since I was younger and I like the style and look of the shoe,” said Ashlee Dickerson, class of 2019.


A:  “High waisted jeans because it looks good with certain shirts like crop tops,” said Emily Moore, class of 2019.


A: “ A lot of the older style are coming back like the 80’s and 70’s which is really cool”, said Madeline Grove, class of 2019.


A: “Jean jackets because they go with everything and slip on Vans that are checkered are super cool”, said Kayla Castro, class of 2019.


A: “Big fuzzy coats and sweatpants, because there really comfortable,” said Rhiannon Pschirrer, class of 2019  


A: “White tee shirt under dresses because its really cute,” said Sammi Mccoy, class of 2019.