Captain Marvel

Tabitha Yoakum, Reporter

In the past ten years, Marvel has released a total of 20 movies relating to their “comic universe”. The “comic universe” began with Iron Man, and Marvel has yet to release any news of an end to the ongoing superhero movies. Captain Marvel is the newest release to the cinematic universe, released on Friday, March 6, 2018. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury are a well-made duo throughout most of the movie. The movie takes place mid 90’s with Carol Danvers crash landing on Earth and following orders to eliminate Skrulls, aliens that take on the appearance of humans to deceive them.

Captain Marvel is of the Kree race, which has been known to be enemies of the Skrulls. While on her mission, she seeks the help of Nick Fury in order to discover who she was after old memories resurface. Captain Marvel had great action sequences and a good storyline. A cool part about the movie to me was the CGI done on Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury, and Clark Gregg who plays Agent Coulson. Samuel L. Jackson’s backwards transformation from 70 years old, to looking years younger was very rad. The outfits worn by the aliens, and the retro surroundings created to give the movie a “90’s feel” were amazing. Captain Marvel is an introduction to the character before we see her again in Avengers: Endgame, and is a very uplifting movie with a strong female lead.